because we know firsthand how tough it can be to start in a new city

we're here to help

For anyone looking to rent our their place, find a roommate or find a new home, we want to introduce you to Yellow Homes and help you out πŸ’›

So, what’s Yelloww Homes all about? 🏠
It’s a totally free platform that makes finding roommates or a place to live a breeze. We’ve added filters so you can narrow down your search by area, price, and availability.
Plus, we provide a way for you to communicate and get to know potential roommates without any intermediary.

Who’s behind it, you ask? πŸš€
Well, we’re two entrepreneurs who want to lend a hand and make room hunting and roommate finding process easier. We know firsthand how tough it can be. That’s why we’re encouraging you to sign up on the platform and let’s grow the Yelloww Homes community together!

We’re here to help you make things smoother! πŸ™ŒπŸ»

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