Looking for a room in Copenhagen (Amager/Frederiksberg/Vesterbro/Nørrebro)

Copenhagen, Capital Region of Denmark, Denmark
Looking for a room in Copenhagen (Amager/Frederiksberg/Vesterbro/Nørrebro)
Budget (DKK/month): 6,500
Availability: August 31, 2023

Hi :D!
Hope this post finds you all well! My name is Eric and I’m from Hong Kong :D!

A little bit about myself: I speak Cantonese, Mandarin, English, a little bit Japanese and I am currently learning Danish! 😃

The reason why I am here in Denmark started from me living in Aarhus V for half a year on exchange and had experience of staying in the student dorm there. ☺️ Now I just graduated from my masters in E-business and currently working full time as an IT Analyst in Copenhagen and continue my days in Denmark so I want to live in the place for long term!

At the moment I am still living in a kollegium with 4 people, I am also an easy-going, friendly person. I love having conversations with people with diverse cultures. We could explore new things between countries and have fun with each other and I really enjoy it.

In my free time I love taking film pictures with my Nikon F3 while exploring the city. I love it so much. I also enjoy staying in the apartment hygge ourselves and watching some classic movies together with friends.

I would love to schedule coffee meetup with you so please just let me know if you want me to be a part of the apartment. 😃 Look forward to your message!


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